Thursday, 10 November 2016


A few weeks ago, I attended a protest here in Bangalore, against the proposed construction of a steel flyover. We were to form a human chain on the pavements along the proposed route of the flyover. The organisers suggested we carry simple signs that said "No" but being an old advertising copywriter, as well as a person who enjoys splashing paint onto KG cardboard, I thought a few more words were in order.

Was pottering about at home the night before, when those four words popped into my head:  THOU SHALT NOT STEEL! So I went ahead and painted it on my sign and took it to the protest.

Since then, it's a phrase that has caught on around Bangalore, and the steel/steal pun is all over the place. Meanwhile, the main slogan of the protest #SteelFlyoverBeda is imprinting itself in minds all over Bangalore - over Karnataka - over India - and even beyond.

The protests continue, and will do until the tender for the steel flyover is cancelled. We ordinary citizens are now calling for more transparency and consultation, as well as proper planning for any large infrastructure projects, as well as pushing for better environmental conservation.

I decided to make this blog for the same reason I decided to join that human chain:  for my grand-nieces. Not just for them to know what we did, but so they know that we did it for them.